Kynna Moore St. Cathairnes Hair Stylist
kynna moore parlour hair lounge


Salon Owner / Lead Stylist Instagram_App_Large_May2016_200
Niagara College

Kynna knew from a young age she was destined to be a stylist. She was originally drawn to the creative side of the industry but, as she learned and grew, she gravitated toward salon ownership and helping clients become their best selves.

Her vision in opening Parlour Hair Lounge was to open a salon that, in spirit, was reminiscent of the days of beauty parlours. She wanted a place where women could come, feel at home, and make new friends. Since Parlour’s inception in 2014, that vision hasn’t changed. Today, the salon has taken on that atmosphere even more than Kynna could have imagined. Clients that were strangers now book their appointments together, no one feels rushed, and everyone knows their business is appreciated.

Kynna is organized, passionate, adventurous, and hardworking and loves being a business owner, mentor and coach. Her passion is helping others build their skills and she is proud to stand behind an amazing team. The Parlour staff are all dedicated to Kynna’s vision and all come from the same place – they consider client experience a top priority, believe in constant education, support personal and professional growth, and continually push boundaries as artists.

Kynna loves doing hair because she gets to be creative but also challenged by her craft. She firmly believes that being in an industry that is constantly changing its styles, techniques, and tools, becoming stagnant is not an option. She specializes in naturally curly hair, colour corrections, and avant-garde colour and styling.

In her free time, Kynna loves being with her fur babies, eating pizza, sleeping in, travelling, and hanging out with her friends and family.



meg cook parlour hair lounge


Salon Coordinator Instagram_App_Large_May2016_200
Brock University

Meg first came to Parlour Hair Lounge as a client and loved the salon’s laid-back atmosphere and creative environment. Formerly from a sales and marketing background, Meg was looking for a new career challenge when she decided to join the Parlour team. She keeps the salon running smoothly with her friendly, intelligent, and easy-going nature. At the salon, you’ll find her booking appointments, answering the phone, keeping everyone caffeinated and making a ton of lists. She loves her animals, her husband and family, her friends, tea, books, and watching the stylists work their magic every day.



lyall whitworth parlour hair lounge


Stylist Instagram_App_Large_May2016_200
Aveda Institute of Toronto

Lyall has always been interested in the hair industry and fell in love when she pursued it as a career. She came to Parlour Hair Lounge as an apprentice and connected with the salon’s fun atmosphere and the talent of her mentors. Her specialities are balayage, blowouts, colour melts, and anything with a natural look or boho vibe. An honest, loving, happy and independent person, Lyall loves that the industry is forever changing and full of opportunity. You can usually find her hanging out with her dog, family, and friends.



alexa dale hair stylist


Stylist Instagram_App_Large_May2016_200
Niagara College

Alexa has always loved working around anything hair-related and knew from a young age she wanted to become a stylist. Studying at Niagara College, Alexa worked at numerous hair shows and was able to meet some amazing and inspiring mentors. She decided to join the Parlour Hair Lounge team when she heard about the amazing stylists working there and the works of hair art they produce on a daily basis. Alexa loves working with colour, curly hair, and giving blowouts. In her spare time, Alexa goes to as many concerts and hair events as she can and spends time with her family and cats!




Stylist Instagram_App_Large_May2016_200

Ever since she was a young girl, Erin had an interest in styling hair, but it wasn’t until she graduated high school that she realized she wanted to pursue it as a career.
Prior to joining the Parlour Hair Lounge team, Erin worked for eight years at Dolly Mixtures in Mississauga and completed her apprenticeship through that salon.
Behind the chair, Erin’s specialties include balayage, ombre, and colour melts. She loves working with Joico Intensity colours and jumps at any opportunity to do something funky and different. Erin is a huge film buff (especially horror), loves musical theatre, live music, and hanging out at home with her husband and cats.